Bitcoin & “the Uber of….” Welcome to the new era of voiceover casting

Bitcoin & “the Uber of….” Welcome to the new era of voiceover casting

What the heck does a cryptocurrency and Uber have to do with voiceover casting? You are probably thinking I may be a little crazy and should go crawl back into the world of software.
Well, I may not be as crazy as you think, let’s look at what these 2 hugely successful things have taught us. What can we learn to do and not to do.

It is likely you have heard many new companies calling themselves “the Uber of” their industry. Sounds cool, but what does it really mean? Do they think they have the next billion dollar idea? Do they see themselves as a disruptor, a game changer?? It is likely wishful thinking and a little bit of all the above, but there are 2 things that they figured out.

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency was valued at $318 Billion (Market Cap on December 18th) is centered around a single philosophy. Do you know what it is?
Bitcoin and Uber have grown to be behemoths because of decentralization and perceived value.

From housing rentals (AirBnB), taxi / ridesharing (Uber, Lyft), real estate (Zillow), currency (Bitcoin) and now voiceover casting, technology is aiding the advancement of decentralization.  This isn’t a conversation about the business ethics of Uber or the legitimacy of Bitcoin’s valuation, every industry has their idols and villains. This is a conversation about technology creating value, the influence of decentralization and what the means for the future of online casting for every sector of the entertainment industry. New apps and online casting services give Producers on-demand access to top talent and fully produced deliverables in hours, not days or weeks. That is value! As Producers discover more viable options and move to these platforms to have their projects fulfilled faster and easier than every before, it has left many agents behind. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Online casting has been around for a generation now, but in recent years has had exponential growth and all signs are pointing to it being the defacto standard for casting across the entire entertainment industry.  Savvy tech entrepreneurs look for industries that have not embraced technology and see them ripe for disruption, they build new and better ways of doing things that have stayed virtually the same for the last 18 years. I am seeing too many people in the unions, associations and agents that do not accept that change is on the horizon or outright fight against it. This flawed point of view is set to have them lose a battle that they should not be fighting. These people share the same mentality as those that fought against streaming & digital music services (like Pandora and iTunes) in the early 2000s. Don’t be one of them, online casting is not your enemy, it should be your best friend. If you do not see how it can be, then you are not looking hard enough or you are looking in the wrong places.

Technology and decentralization have made it easier and faster to do just about everything. With any major change we will see some huge successes and some casualties, it is up to you to pick what side you will be on. Will you be a student of the new game, master it, dominate your field and pick up market share? Or will you let fear of change compel you to  complain and attack those that are forging ahead?
The Agents that master the new era of online casting will lead the industry, they will continue to find innovative ways to demonstrate value and will be more successful than ever before.

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