Through the ages, when civilization has needed to crack codes or translate ancient and foreign languages, we have relied upon finding a “key”, a Rosetta Stone.   Such a conundrum exists today in the form of the oft painful task of navigating and making sense of the jumble of symbols, ideas, misconceptions, politics and underlying “truths” that comprise the hieroglyphics known as voice-over rates.  Introducing D-CypherVO, Voice Casting Hub and voiceovers.com’s solution to hacking and deciphering the complicated and confusing territory of voice-over rates, from the SAG-AFTRA code to the non-union VORatecard.com.

Things are moving too fast these days to get stuck with questions of, “How much?”   We expect to KNOW the “deal” even before we start.   This expectation is only fed by our ever-deeper rooting into what very well end up being called the “On-demand Century”.   Whether ride-share, take-out delivery, small-task site or our dating applications, we want to KNOW what we’re getting and for how much.  And we want to get to this through a simple query, we want to ask one question and get a single, simple answer to a potentially complicated underlying problem.

This is the essence of D-CypherVO, a revolutionary, question-based wizard that will allow the voice-over buyer to answer a simple set of queries to get an even simpler answer of “how much” for their voice-over job.  For buyer and talent, the result is consistency, clear expectations, transparency and ultimately a clean efficiency of transaction.

D-CypherVO and voiceovers.com are intelligent technology.  They do the (hard) thinking for you.  At the root of this is a philosophy of empowerment of the voice-over artist and efficiency and effectiveness for the professional talent and buyer alike.  This empowerment leads to an elevation of the business at all levels. 

D-CypherVO is a free tool, a piece of technology viewed as a voice-over market imperative for Voice Casting Hub and voiceovers.com.  This initiative is aimed at bringing clarity to a marketplace which is currently rife with confusion.  The lack of organized and efficiently useable information has led to falling rates and untenable terms of usage: unlimited lifts/edits/cuts/revisions and tags, worldwide use, all media and full or in perpetuity buyouts.  If this continues, most talent will not be able to pursue voiceover as a profession and buyers will be left with a “part-time” and “hobbyist” supply of talent.  This does not serve either side of the professional voice-over equation. 

An informed marketplace is an efficient marketplace.  D-CypherVO is a new, automated calculator which addresses all of today’s non-union rate hot-buttons.  This rate/term wizard fuels a voice-over job with the RIGHT professional voice, compensated based on exposure, a transaction grounded in fairness to all parties.  Efficiency, effectiveness and fairness are sustainable and scalable principles which can fuel the ongoing health of a vibrant voiceover market.  That SOUNDS good.

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